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Last year, I decided...

I wanted to see what it would take to become part of the top 1% of speakers in the world. I researched dozens of leading speakers like Tony Robbins, Oprah Winfrey, Amy Purdy, Les Brown, Eric Thomas, Brendon Burchard, and more! 

I was shocked when I discovered that all of the highest paid, most in-demand speakers had different business models, areas of expertise, personality styles, ethnicities, and audiences — But the one thing that they all had in common was THIS story framework that I decided to name the Standout Story Framework. 

This speech framework didn't just include the mastery of Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey, which is what I thought was the secret to public speaking success. This story framework was like a master chef blending together a five-course delish meal. 

The Standout Story Framework includes:
✔️      4 primary ingredients that build the foundation of an unforgettable speech 
✔️            5 core enhancements that strengthen the connection and effectiveness of the talk 
✔️ A fillable PDF that walks you through step-by-step to create your own standout story

Today, you can see how simple, yet powerful this framework can be to increase your impact and income as a speaker and help you STANDOUT ABOVE THE NOISE in an age where anyone can call themselves a speaker (even if they aren't a good one). 

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"I can’t thank Darryll enough for all of his inspiration. If you want to (speak) with that ‘fire in your belly’ (as we say here in England,) Darryll is definitely your guy!"
- Chelcee Grimes, TEDxLIPA, Grammy-nominated songwriter, and professional footballer
"I cannot believe what this framework did with my speech! Originally, I didn't think refreshing my speech would make that much of a difference. My speech was already powerful and polished. But, Darryll blew my mind with how he moved things around and gave me pointers on ways to enhance my speech. All I could do was laugh in disbelief that I was leaving so much money and impact untapped." 
- Jennifer Sebasari, Culinary Chef, Influencer and TEDxAliefStudio
"Darryll is one of the most motivating people we have ever met! If you want to learn from somebody, follow somebody and be inspired by somebody who is the real deal and does this because he loves it and he believes in it, then stick with Darryll. This guy is changing the world!" 
- Chris and Jen Winfield, SuperConnector Media
"Darryll is somebody that walks his talk."
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Darryll Stinson is best known for his ability to extract proven pathways of success from your creative genius so that you can turn your lessens into life-changing messages and resources.
Darryll Stinson is a transformational speaker on a mission to impact the world by helping leaders grow their movements through personal development, storytelling and public speaking. 

As a former Division 1 athlete who lost his career due to severe back injury, Darryll, founder of Second Chance Athletes, overcame multiple suicide attempts to become an international speaker, best-selling author, credential minister, award-winning philanthropist and 2xTEDx speaker — with one of his talks grossing more than 1.7 million views. 

Darryll’s ultimate goal in life is to be known for how he loves and how he gives. When he is not working, Darryll enjoys rapping, reading, entertainment, music, sports, exploring nature, and spending time with his wife and four amazing children.

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